Book Collection

By Rudy Leeman

About the Books

From a woman plunging out a window to the pursuit of a woman destined to hang at the hands of the court system

From the discovery of mutilated children's bodies in a farmer's field to chasing smugglers in the Crimean War arena.

Wars break out in Italy over who owns which territories. Child-smuggling runs rampant. Enter King Vittorio Emanuele Ii of Sardinia.

About the Author

Rudy Leeman, retired public education teacher and Lutheran clergyman, began writing historical novels. His earlier Tate Publishing release, For Everything a Season, covers eight generations of a family of strong men and stronger women suffering torture, imprisonment, and death. His Santore Story trilogy is a spin-off of one of his characters in Season, set in explosive nineteenth-century Italy. He completed it after moving with his wife, Carol, from California to their new home in Georgetown, Texas.  

Book Reviews

Rudy’s Brother Eduardo’s Mortal Sin, Brother Eduardo’s Mortal Crime and Brother Eduardo’s Mortal Fate: This trilogy, written by Rudy Leeman, was a barn burner. His development of characters, the interweaving of plots and characters, the reporting of how Italy moved from Catholic rule to what we know as Italy today, and the beautiful writing all came together as a series that has a long lasting impact on the reader. This trilogy could be classified as not only a novel but a historical review of this time in history.

Norma Speer Sun City, Roseville, CA